December 25, 2017

hol file Microsoft Office Outlook

Happy New year 2018

So block your leaves in Microsoft office outlook by using .hol file

Hol stands for Holiday file

This file is used to add holidays in your outlook calendar.

This is very easy to create and install into the outlook.

One of the major advantages of this task is that whenever other colleague or stakeholder want to block your time then he would easily know / aware about the holiday or leave you have planned already in the outlook calendar.

Lets start to create one simple Entry

Step 1
            Open notepad

Step 2
            Add your holiday in below format
            [Maharashtra Day / Labor Day] , “2017/05/01”

Step 3
            Save this file as Holidaylist.hol
Remember I have not saved this file as txt file, I have saved this file as hol file.
Hol stands for Holiday file

Step 4
            Send it to your outlook email.

From inbox open this file / attachment.

This will prompt you to save the file / modify the outlook.

Click on ok and you are done.

For more reference please refer below link

howto create Holiday file in Microsoft office outlook

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